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2010 | paper, pencil, pen | 18,5×18,5 cm

This Artwork is fine art prints are high-resolution authentic art paper — Hahnemühle Photo Rag and signed by me.

18,5×18,5 cm

Nightmare of a boy in the form of a huge owl

Idea of work
At first it was just a little sketch of a tree house. Which would have been lying in my folder somewhere. But that year I had an exhibition «In the depths of a white sheet» and my classmate, who helped me with the organization of the exhibition, advised me to make a video in which I will draw. I didn’t have a video camera, I also had a phone with funny video capabilities, so I had to go to Lida’s house, where her husband Andrey helped me with this video. He installed everything, and from 23:00 to 03:00 I painted it all under a video camera. Knowing that I didn’t have much time, I took this sketch with a tree and a house. But, fortunately, in the process of drawing, the idea was born not only to draw a landscape, but also to supplement it with a four-eyed owl and a frightened child.

Artist Nikolai Kibich
Organizer — Lydia Lipatova
Editing — Andrey Kosteniuk, Albert Zhornyak
Sound engineer — Andrey Kosteniuk
Executor — Auktyon & Hvost
Album — Mountaintop Dweller
Compositions — Utoplenniki, Iverni, Vyvreni, Bogi 1, Prizraki

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An ordinary snail looks at us with a slight smile

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An ordinary snail looks at us with a slight smile

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