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Decoration of a work


To create my works, I use old paper which is about 50 years old. It was given to me by my uncle, architect Dmitry Chevdar. Initially, it was in a huge roll and was intended for architects. I saw it for the first time when I was still small and could not even imagine that I would draw on it. I can hardly imagine those times when it will end and I will have to look for a replacement for it.

The pencils I use come in a variety of grades and hardnesses, mainly Koh-i-noor and Faber-Kastel. Erasers are also classic. Ink pens. And extra-fine artists’ water colours Saint-Petersburg.

In the process of creating my work, I always listen to different music, which also helps to achieve the desired mood and leave their own light imprint in my work.

Fine art prints are high-resolution authentic art paper

My Artworks are printed on Hahnemühle’s authentic art paper is regarded as top of the line. It is often used for exhibitions and limited-edition Fine Art prints.

I use a specific type of Hahnemühle paper when printing my works — Hahnemühle Photo Rag. 100% Cotton. Fine, soft surface. For hight pictotial depth. White and matte. (308 g/m²).

Powerful details: the latest technology for Hahnemühle fine art reproduction. The premium print using Epson UltraChrome Pro pigments ensures the finest tonal gradation. Six colors and three shades of black provide all the nuances and emphasise every detail. Pictures are reproduced at an ultra-high resolution of 1,440 dpi with perfect grey balance. Extremely long-lasting color that is true to the original.

Everything I do is pretty demanding. This also applies to the printing of my works. I have tried many options for printing and paper and settled on this option. The print looks really high quality. I am sure that no one will be disappointed. In addition, before printing, I process my work a little in Photoshop to make it look even better.


I use magnetic frames which are of excellent quality. Disassemble and assemble easily, without any tools in a matter of seconds. The principle of these wonderful frames was invented by Heinricg Halbe in 1973.

Frame — Classic magnetic frame
Profile — Wood 10
Color — Black oak
Glass — Normal glass matt/glossy
Size 40×40 or 50×50 cm
Passe-partout — White or Grey 2,0 mm


The created copy will not have 100% similarity with the original. Materials will be used similar to the original. Time to create works may vary depending on the chosen work, size and accompanying inspiration ))

In the examples provided, you can see how it can be.

Creative stupor
2019 / 2007 / 2004 | paper, pencil, pen | 18,5×18,5 cm

2019 / 2006 | paper, pencil, pen | 18,5×18,5 cm

2019 / 2008 | paper, pencil, pen | 18,5×18,5 cm

An ordinary snail looks at us with a slight smile

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An ordinary snail looks at us with a slight smile

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