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2020 | paper, pencil, pen | 25×25 cm

This Artwork is fine art prints are high-resolution authentic art paper — Hahnemühle Photo Rag and signed by me.

18,5×18,5 cm
25×25 cm

40×40 cm
50×50 cm

Transition to another world, the old man says goodbye to his wife

Idea of work
The idea of ​​work came to me long ago, after my grandmother’s funeral. My grandfather looked extremely devastated, and the desire to somehow capture this difficult transitional moment came to me. The first version (oil painting) I painted while still at university. But the feeling of incompleteness did not leave me for many years and from time to time the desire to finalize this topic visited me. Finally, having decided to finalize her thoughts and allegories about death crowded in my head, and I was afraid not to exaggerate with them. It is clear that for many this topic carries its own associations and someone will disagree with me, or for someone my vision will not be entirely accurate. But that’s where it’s good to be an artist, you can paint whatever you want.

On the technical side, I also didn’t want to overdo it with contrasts, so I gave up using color and pen. In the same way, I changed the technique somewhat, from the one that I planned to use initially. As always, I was almost satisfied with the result, since there are no limits to perfection and I always want to change or improve something.

This topic is one of the most mysterious and interesting, so I am sure that I will return to it more than once and try to interpret it in my own way…

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An ordinary snail looks at us with a slight smile

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